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Oeksounds spiff and soothe VST plugins!

We are doing another giveaway to give you guys a chance to win some cool audio production software. If you don't know by now, here at VSTSpace we curate audio production software by these criteria to show our fellow producers what we think is the best tools to bring your production to the next level.

Intuitive: It has to be easy to work with period. Plugins created in a way where knobs are self-explanatory and you get visual feedback on what is happening is key in our opinion.

Powerful: It has to be engineered in a smart way. Meaning capable of working on complex tasks without taking up all your CPU's power.

Unique: It has to solve a real problem but on top of that is has to have some unique features to set itself apart, either technically or GUI wise. We don't like having 10 EQ's that all basically does the same thing.

Inspiring creativity and progress: We don't care how technically complex and brilliant a piece of software is if you don't feel inspired to create music with it. Music is a creative endeavor and at the end of the day it is more important to have tools that help get songs done than have them be "Perfect".

Taming sounds has never been easier!

Soothe harsh frequencies and control transients like a boss.

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  • Process stunning vocals and get control over transients.
  • Remove unwanted sounds (Clicks, ringing, etc.) with ease.
  • Save loads of time on notch EQ'ing.
  • Best for vocals or instruments.

Do you have that vocal/pluck/drum that sticks out with clicks and pops or some wild resonance ringing that just needs to be tamed?

You want to get it under control, so you start finding all the resonating frequencies and EQ them out one by one, then you maybe start multiband compressing or using other tools in your toolbox to get this sound under control.

We all know this problem which takes a lot of time and effort to correct, but there is a simpler and better way to do it!

Enter Oeksound.
A young innovative team from Finland on a mission to solve this exact situation.
Soothe and Spiff is 2 plugins that will help you save tremendous amounts of time.

Both run complex signal algorithms that gently and dynamically remove unwanted resonating frequencies or harsh transients.

All this is easily and intuitively controlled by one big knob and a few other parameters that handle your sound with care. Even if you crank the knobs up, the plugins retain the original feel of the sound and don’t distort it that easily, making it easy for you to find the sweet spot!

The interface on is just beautiful and so intuitive to play around with as you can easily see what the knobs do to the sound when it’s visualized in the graph shown front and center in both plugins.

Soothe works specifically on dynamically suppressing unwanted resonance. This means that soothe runs as an on the fly EQ that very carefully removes ringing and bright noises.

While you turn the knob soothe process the sound so you are left with clean sounding vocals or smooth sounding guitar/drums/piano ready to fit the mix.

Spiff, on the other hand, works by giving you control and ability to boost or cut transients dynamically. This means easy removal of clicks and pops or other hard on the ear noises, but also the ability to enhance transients on drums for example. Inviting you to use it creatively as well.

So if you want to save tons of time getting that flawless lead vocal in your mix. Or if you are looking for powerful tools to have your back in all cases of noise or unwanted sounds, Soothe and Spiff are great you.

They give you the ability to spend your time on being creative and compose without getting hung up on meticulous details when fixing annoying “bugs” in your sounds!

Download and use the trial option to check them out and see for yourself!

Read more about Spiff and Soothe here:


Ps. Here at VST Space we are not sponsored or persuaded to say anything we don’t mean. We only talk about tools and products we genuinely think are interesting for our fellow producers. This is very important to us as it is the core of VST Space.

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